Sports and Social

Life at school is about more than academic endeavour and achievement, it is about living in a community - at school as a local citizen and at national and global levels too.

It is also about becoming a complete person, learning to be part of a cooperative team and learning to lead. Learning to empathise, socialise, compete, win, lose gracefully and to develop as an individual. At LHA, Learning experiences are planned to highlight students’ rights, responsibilities and opportunities as members of these communities.

Lostock Hall Academy offers students many opportunities to enrich their experience at school and their lives, both through sports, set tasks and through activities done on a voluntary basis.

We are competitive and successful in our sporting endeavours and were named the Sports South Ribble High School of the year. School sport is a real strength with a wide range of league, cup and central venue competitions many of which are organised by and hosted at Lostock Hall Academy.

Students contribute to improvements within school through their involvement in School Council and Student Voice. We aim to develop students’ leadership skills through the prefect system, with reading and maths mentors and young sports leaders.

Year groups adopt local charities and support them through fundraising events and activities throughout the year. We regularly exhibit in local galleries and our musical ensembles regularly perform in the local community.

As a Community Facility, we are open to local groups and sporting teams for use of our leisure and school facilities.