Year 7

Students have one term of Computing. The subject is on a carousel with Technology

Baseline Test
Programming with Kodu
Game Lab
Introduction to Computer Science
The BBC Microbit

Year 8

Students have one term of Computing. The subject is on a carousel with Technology

Digital Imaging; Graphics, Photoshop and Illustrator
Algorithms and Flowol
Programming with Scratch and Python

Year 9

Students have one term of Computing. The subject is on a carousel with Technology

Music Festival – working on key ICT Skills
Computer Science & Programming; Binary, Networks, Operating Systems and Small Basic

Computing at Lostock Hall Academy

KS4 Computer Science – AQA

This course gives an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works. It offers an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, including programming and has been written in conjunction with businesses and higher education to facilitate a smooth transition to the next level of study.

You will learn how to design, build and test a fully-programmes solution to a problem: develop understanding of how technology is used in our modern society and build up vital transferable skills for Maths, Science and Engineering.


Computing Assessment table

This qualification is useful for the following careers: Games Developer, Database Administrator, Software Developer Engineer, Systems Analyst, Programmer, Web Designer.

AGT students are given the opportunity to attend workshops at Runshaw College. Business workshops consist of 'The Business Ethics Challenge' and 'Hedging Your Bets', an ICT workshop 'Computing and ICT - Interface - Man and Machine in Harmony'.

How you can ensure a student achieves their full potential

We encourage students to attend out extra curricular Computing and Coding clubs, this builds on students skills and their development. We try to offer a range of different topics to enable students to learn all areas of Computing.

The Computing department offer great ways to develop critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills, which can be transferred to further learning and everyday life. We provide a superb stepping stone for students who want to go on to higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science. Support at home:

  • Research the topic on the internet
  • Encourage your child to get involved in Computing clubs
  • Encourage your child to purchase technology, e.g. Raspberry PI
  • Access Scratch and Kodu through the internet and produce games through programming
  • Help your child to learn spellings of key words specific to projects
  • Key words can be found in the pupil planner
  • Enter competitions
  • Attend Edge Hill and UCLAN Coding and Computing days
  • Check homework and ensure homework is completed.
  • Look at the target and mark sheets and ensure your child is responding to teacher feedback.