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The academy is now closed for half term. During the holiday break we still need to collate infection information on our students, and close contacts would need to be advised of risk. If your child is tested positive, please contact the School Health Support Team call line on 01772 531555 with the date, name and school of the child. If you prefer you can also email details to the Covid19 Education inbox using the link

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Food Technology

Welcome to Food Technology!


Throughout Key Stage 3 students are taught techniques for designing and making using Food. Students often work on their own but there are also opportunities to work in pairs or member of a team. Food Technology also has strong cross-curricular links such as PE (nutrition), Science and Maths.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students develop D&T capability by carrying out designing and making projects. By the end of Key Stage 3 they have a wider knowledge and understanding of D&T. They disassemble existing products as a means of researching possible design ideas.

Current projects include:

Year 7 & 8

Students focus on making healthy choices and begin to develop basic cooking skills.

Year 9

Students look at ethical issues concerning the food we eat and further develop their cooking skills.


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GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

The specification is divided in to 2 units. The first unit is assessed through a written paper worth 40% of the overall final mark and covers the following topics;

Materials and Components

This involves working with a range of different ingredients and understanding their characteristics.

Design and Market influences

Students will learn to understand the different needs of clients and produce dishes to cater for specific needs.

Processes and Manufacture

This area is concerned with the large scale production of food and covers areas such as food safety and CAD and CAM within the industry.

The second unit is ‘Design and Making Practice’. Students submit a single ‘design and make' project of up to 40 sides of A4. This controlled assessment is worth 60% of the final grade and gives students the opportunity to work independently on their own area of interest. It is assessed under the following areas: Investigating the Design Context, Development of Design Proposals, Making, Testing and Evaluation.

Activities & Events

Ready Steady Runshaw

We have visited Runshaw College’s Catering and Hospitality Faculty to take part in a one day taster session. A group of trainee chefs then came in to school and we helped judge ‘Ready Steady Runshaw’. Students have enjoyed seeing first-hand what further education opportunities are available to them.

Awards Evenings

Year 10 and 11 students put their skills to good use helping to make and serve food for several of the Awards evenings in school throughout the year.