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Throughout Key Stage 3 students are taught techniques for exploring and developing ideas including - sketching and rendering, annotated drawings, mood boards and 3D models. Students often work on their own but there are also opportunities to work as a member of a team.

Resistant Materials also has strong cross-curricular links with Science, Maths and Art. Future plans will include collaborative work with other schools. Throughout Key Stage 3 students develop D&T capability by carrying out designing and making projects. By the end of Key Stage 3 they have a wider knowledge and understanding of D&T through theory and practical skills. They analyse existing products and existing design styles as a starting point to their own designs. There is a strong emphasis on making for others (target user).

Current projects include:

Year 7

Scalextric - Students design, build and race scalextric cars.

Year 8

Puzzle Pack - Students design and make hand held puzzles based on a theme of their choice.

Year 9

Jewellery - Students design and make cast pewter jewellery.

Year 10 and 11

GCSE Resistant Material - Docking station.


Design Technology GCSE

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At the end of Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to choose Resistant Materials at GCSE (AQA). Students continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject and undertake projects such as design and make a children's toy, a pewter product, flat pack chair and themed mirror. At the end of Year 10 and throughout Year 11 students work on their controlled assessment, which is worth 60% of their final grade. They produce an individual design to make product and portfolio evidence. They are required to research their own design task, generate and develop a range of relevant ideas and manufacture a solution which best satisfies the requirements they have identified for their intended client. Students will spend approximately 40 hours completing this design and make exercise presenting a portfolio (25 A3 pages) and the completed practice

The remainder of the year is spent revising for the preparation sheet which is released on the 1st March.

Activities & Events

Year 9 visits to Ti Technology, Engineering, Gadget Show, The Design Museum and local Design and Technology related events.