Our intent is to teach Geography in a context that will stimulate students curiosity about the ‘physical’ and ‘natural world’ around them, understanding
the ‘wider meaning’ and to inspire a future generation of Geographical Investigators.

The curriculum is designed to teach the students about the wider world as opposed to just Lostock Hall. Develop an awareness of different cultures and reasons
for those cultures to encourage empathy and awareness.

It is our intent that our students shall have independent Geographical investigation/enquiry skill set which can be applied in a number of contexts
and subjects and enable students to problem solve - a skill which is necessary in their future lives and prepare them for careers.

Our Geography curriculum will prepare students for the future by providing them with the skills and attributes necessary for a wide range of careers in
social, economic and environmental settings.

In the end though, it’s about using all that knowledge to help understand the world, bridge divides and bring people together.