Year 10

Life Studies follows a different path for KS4 students. Much more emphasis is given to career development, especially choosing whether A-levels, BTEC’s or Apprenticeships are the right option for each student. Year 10 students also prepare and take part in a mock interview with a non-teaching professional. Life Studies is taught weekly for one hour. Other topics include:

These sessions throughout the year are supported by weekly ‘food for thought’ reflection in tutor time. Students get the opportunity to discuss various current news items, as well as thinking ‘outside the box’.

Here is an example of the type of things discussed:

  1. “If at first you don’t succeed, you are running about average.” – M.H. Alderson
  2. What rules would you have if you were head teacher for the day?

In the final half-term, students have the opportunity to take part in ‘Enterprise’. This involves eight hourly sessions giving students the chance to plan and organise an entrepreneurial event, culminating in the Enterprise Fayre held in July. All monies raised go to charity.