Year 8

Life Studies is an essential part of the school curriculum and is pivotal for the development of young people in modern day society. In Year 8, The Life Studies programme is taught weekly for one hour. Many important topics are covered such as:

These sessions throughout the year are supported by weekly ‘food for thought’ reflection in tutor time. Students get the opportunity to discuss various current news items, as well as thinking ‘outside the box’.
Here is an example of the type of things discussed:

1. It is impossible for a person to learn what they think they already know. – Epictetus

2. You have the chance to meet Willie Wonka. What new sweet would you design? What would it taste like?

In the final half-term, students have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Enterprise’ project. This gives students the chance to plan and organise an entrepreneurial event in groups and is always a popular part of the year for students.