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Your Physical Education Department

The Physical Education (PE) department is located within the STEM Faculty. The subject area continues to offer a wide and dynamic range of activities, all of which are designed to enable students to develop confidence and achieve success. Working with the students, the primary focus for our dedicated team is to provide a safe, happy and challenging learning environment in which all learners feel secure and confident in their own ability. We aim to offer the best possible physically orientated learning experience, promoting health and well-being while striving to integrate ‘challenge and fun’.


Mr Stephen Sloan
Assistant Vice Principal/Head of STEM Faculty (including subject leader for PE)

Mr Neil Clitheroe
Senior Assistant Vice Principal

Miss Angela Rennox
Teacher of Physical Education

Mr Gary Biggins
School Games Organiser (primary school partnership work)

We have continued to provide even more opportunities for students to participate in new and exciting activities and have been voted ‘South Ribble School of the year for PE & School Sport’ for the third consecutive year. Our GCSE PE results are comparable with any school within the United Kingdom with many of our students progressing to study PE based courses at College level. Throughout the course of each academic year students are given the opportunity to take increased ownership of the PE curriculum. Their input is completely valued and often results in new exciting activities being included within each new programme of study.

The PE Department also continues to organise and host a large number of primary and secondary school competitions. Each year these events provide the opportunity for over a thousand young athletes to participate in sport and physical activity. Our superb young leaders regularly dedicate a lot of their own time to organise and officiate at these events. PE staff and young leaders constantly receive a high level of praise from participants and spectators alike.

We also go to great lengths to promote physical activity and enrichment outside of the classroom environment and encourage students to take up new challenges. Over the course of the 2017-18 academic year we organised two separate outdoor activity residential trips. Year 7 students spent three days/two nights at the Kingswood Centre in Colomendy, North Wales where they participated in a wide range of team building and adventure activities including the giant zip wire. The school year finished with Year 9 students travelling to Meymac in the South of France for a week of land and water based activities with a memorable time had by all.

Extra Curricular Sports Timetable

All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.




Lunch Girls Cricket 
Years 7 / 8 / 9 /10Sports HallAR
Lunch BTEC Sport Intervention 

Year 10ICT1SS
3.00pmBoys Football Training
Year 7  Grass Field
or Tarmac Area

Girls Cricket
*BTEC Sports Leaders to support 

Year 7 / 8 / 9 / 10Sports Hall





LunchBTEC Sports Intervention
Years 10ICT2AR
LunchWellbeing  Club
Year 7GymLA
3.00pmFootball Training
Years 8 / 9Sports Hall
Grass Field




LunchGirls Netball Training
Years 7 / 8 / 9Sports HallAR & LA
3.00pmGaelic Football

Years 7 / 8 Sports Hall
Grass Field
Years 7 / 8Sports HallLA




LunchGirls ‘The Well Being Project’ 

Year 7 / 8 / 9GymAR
LunchBoys Football

Year 7 
Sports HallNC
LunchBTEC Sport Intervention
Year 11ICT1SS
3.00pmGirls Rounders
Years 7 /  8 Sports Hall / GymAR
3.00pmGirls Rounders
Years 9 / 10Sports Hall / GymLA




LunchGirls & Boys Badminton Club
All YearsSports HallAR
3.00pmBTEC Sport Intervention
Year 11ICT 1SS
3.00pmGirls & Boys Badminton Club
All YearsSports HallAR

KS3/4 Core Physical Education

Key Stage 3 students are timetabled for two 60 minute lessons per week and develop knowledge, skills and understanding in gymnastics, invasion games, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. At Key Stage 4 students currently have one 60 minute lesson and complete courses in games, health and fitness and athletics. Students across both Key Stages are also given the opportunity to gain accredited leadership, coaching and official (referee & umpiring) qualifications in a range of sports.

Aims of KS3/4 Physical Education

The PE Department at Lostock Hall Academy offers opportunities for students to:

• Develop their ability to perform skills and actions with increasing control, fluency and originality;
• Learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas with knowledge and understanding in different activities;
• Develop observational skills, to effectively analyse, access and make improvements on their own the work of others;
• Develop knowledge and understanding of safe practice and their ability to demonstrate consistently due consideration for their own and the well-being of others;
• To set targets for themselves and compete against others both individually and as team players.
• To take initiative, lead activities and focus on improving aspects of their own performance.
• To develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity and discover their own personal preferences.
• Understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others success.
• Make informed decisions about the importance of exercise in their lives. 

Rules and Safety Procedures

• All students are required to participate in all PE lessons unless illness or injury prevents them from doing so;
• Any student finding it necessary to be excused from active participation needs to bring a note from home providing the reason(s) why;
• Students should enter the changing rooms in an orderly fashion and proceed to put on the appropriate PE kit as quickly as possible in order to maximise lesson time;
• No jewellery is permitted at any time as it provides a hazard to both the wearer and fellow students;
• Long hair must be tied back before entering the lesson;
• The appropriate safety equipment should be worn for specific activities/when using different facilities (shin pads for football; gum shields are encouraged for rugby lessons);
• Students should not exit the changing areas until they are instructed to enter the appropriate facility by the teacher responsible for leading the lesson;
• Students are not allowed to chew gum at any stage of PE lessons. Drinks are permitted but must be in a bottle which can be sealed (no open cartons) and consumed off-court;
• Asthma inhalers need to be brought to every lesson;
• Students need to follow all instructions when handling, setting up/taking down equipment. Two or more students are required to remove larger items of apparatus;
• Students should always report any damage to equipment immediately so that any problems can be addressed. Help in this area is greatly appreciated;
• Students will always be encouraged to try their best in lessons. The PE staff will strive at all time to ensure that all lesson are fully inclusive and designed to enable everyone to achieve success;
• The PE Department operates a zero-tolerance policy towards disrespect to others and/ or bullying. Students should help, encourage and co-operate with others at all times within your group/ team.

KS4 Exam based Physical Education

KS4 students can follow one of two sports related exam pathways. At Lostock Hall Academy we currently offer the following two courses:

Pathway 1: GCSE (9-1) Physical Education (OCR)

Course Content
The new OCR GCSE PE syllabus has been developed to provide students with the exciting opportunity to gain an understanding of the exciting world of sports performance.
Students learn the reasons why and how the different body systems work, how we do things, why some athletes outperform others, mentally and physically. They will also look at the ethical considerations behind the use of drugs and gain an understanding of the consequences of inactivity and poor diet.
The theory component of the course forms 60% of the final 9-1 grade. The practical element (3 separate performance grades) forms 30% with the final 10% being awarded for the completion of a coursework task (Analysing and Evaluating Performance).
The theoretical component is now sports science based and includes the compulsory study of:

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Physical Training,
  • Sports Psychology,
  • Socio-cultural Influences and Health,
  • Fitness and Wellbeing 

The practical component is now performance based only. Students will be assessed in three separate sports as players (one individual, one team activity/sport and one additional individual or team activity/sport.

Assessment Overview (GCSE PE)
The OCR GCSE (9-1) PE specification content is divided up into three components:
Component 1: (Physical Factors Affecting Performance) is assessed via a 1 hour written examination paper (60 marks). This is worth 30% of the final grade.
Component 2: (Socio-Cultural Issues and Sports Psychology) is assessed via a 1 hour written examination paper (60 marks). This is worth 30% of the final grade.

Component 3: (Performance within Physical Education) is assessed through (a) practical performance in three activities equally weighted at 20 marks each/worth a combined 30% of the final grade and (b) Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) coursework worth 10% of the final grade.

Pathway 2: BTEC First Level 2 First Award in Sport (Pearson)

Course Content
The BTEC Level 2 First Award in Sport has been developed to give learners a stimulating and engaging introduction into the world of sport. Students who select this option will gain knowledge, skills and understanding through practical participation and performance in a range of sports, exercise and health-related fitness activities.

The award is worth the equivalent of 1 GCSE A* to C and is designed to provide a specialist work-related qualification for the sports industry. It would suit those students in particular who wish to study sport courses at college or actively seek a job within the field of sports and leisure. Many students who complete this course will progress to study a Level 3 BTEC at college level.

The philosophy of ‘learning through doing’ remains at the heart of this qualification. Completion of the course will allow students to become more familiar with the language, skills and processes required to work in the sports industry through actually using them within a micro-environment.

To achieve the award students must successfully complete four distinct units (each worth 25% of their final grade). Units 1 and 2 are compulsory (students must complete) and two have been chosen by the Physical Education department based on their content/suitability of delivery. The four Units that currently delivered are:

Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise (Compulsory)
Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance (Compulsory)
Unit 5: Training for Personal Fitness
Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

Assessment overview (BTEC Sport)
Internal Assessment
Three of the units (Units 2, 5 and 6) are assessed/marked internally by the classroom teacher(s). PE staff will have the flexibility to tailor assignments to suit the students/school.
External Assessment
Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise unit (compulsory) is assessed externally. Students have 1 hour to complete an online onscreen test (marked out of 50) under examination conditions.

How parent/carers can help your child achieve his/her full potential
At all times we wish to work as a team in conjunction with parents/carers, as you are the most important partners we have. You can help support the PE Department by ensuring that your child brings the appropriate kit for all lessons so that they can participate fully. BTEC Sport/GCSE PE students also need to maintain a theory based file and we would greatly appreciate if this could be monitored along with the completion of weekly homework tasks.

If you have a query about any aspect of PE at Lostock Hall Academy then please do not hesitate to contact us via the main school telephone number (01772 336293) or by contacting the subject leader (Mr Sloan) using the email address shown below:

We will endeavour to answer all queries as quickly and in as much detail as possible,

Thank you for your continued support of PE and school sport,

Mr S Sloan,
Assistant Vice Principal/Head of STEM Faculty/Subject Leader for PE @ Lostock Hall Academy

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