Infection Information: 

The academy is now closed for half term. During the holiday break we still need to collate infection information on our students, and close contacts would need to be advised of risk. If your child is tested positive, please contact the School Health Support Team call line on 01772 531555 with the date, name and school of the child. If you prefer you can also email details to the Covid19 Education inbox using the link

Please also email the academy admin team using

Data Dashboard

Key Stage 4 Data Dashboard

This is a new initiative provided through Ofsted to show at a glance the performance of any particular school. It should provide an opportunity to ask questions, not draw conclusions from the raw data provided.

The measures show the performance of students overall as well as results and progress in English, Maths and Science and vulnerable groups (narrowing the gap between disadvantaged and other students) as well as attendance.

Further detailed information is available on the DfE website.

Department for Education

Ofsted School Data Dashboard