Admission Arrangements for Students with SEND or Disabilities

The Academy’s admission arrangements for students with SEND or disabilities are as follows.

Additional support for transition - all students have a Year 6 Sampler day where all students expecting to start at Lostock Hall Academy the following September are invited in for the day. They meet their form tutor and experience a selection of lessons. Students identified as SEND / CLA / Vulnerable are invited in for additional transition days where they have time in ‘E6’ (the SEND area), meet the key SEND staff and complete activities to familiarise themselves with the school and routines.

Transition booklets are sent back to primary school and home with the students after their transition days. The booklets contain photos of key staff, maps of the key areas of school with planned routes to the key places.

All students identified through primary information or from information from parents as having SEND are given the electronic link to and a paper copy of the Lostock Hall Academy ‘All About Me Profile’ to complete with parents or carers. This information will then be used to ensure that appropriate support mechanisms are in place prior to the September start. Steps taken to prevent students with SEND from being treated less favourably than other students.

Access to key workers for those students with a Statement of SEND /EHCP or those identified as the most vulnerable.

All students with SEND are given access to ‘E6’, the Learning Support Centre. The room is staffed every break and lunchtime and students are able to go for some quiet time, socialise and play games, support with homework. Social skills groups are run through the department.

Teaching Assistants are deployed to each tutor group for the initial few weeks at the Academy, focusing specifically on the SEND students. They provide an extra set of ‘eyes and ears’, allowing us to tailor the additional support in class as quickly as possible.

Behaviour logs for those students identified with SEND are monitored by the school SENCO and issues arising are discussed individually with the students.

Data and progress checks take place after each data drop and support and provision reviewed as a result. Keyworkers discuss data and progress with their key students, exploring any reasons behind underachievement and or lack of progress. Details of these discussions are passed to the SENCO for review.

Weekly meetings take place between the SENCO and SEND Manager where provision is reviewed and individual student concerns discussed and responded to.