Year 6 Transition Work

To Year 6 Teachers To support the transition to the Academy in September, we would like new students to complete (where possible) a number of tasks that will focus their mind on the academic demand of secondary school.

You will see below, there are 4 tasks that we have put together that we would like students to complete with their Year 6 teacher (subject to Covid-19 guidelines).

We would be most grateful if you could use follow the guidance below.


To create a letter to your form tutor

Solve the crime

Click here for Clue 1
Click here for Clue 2
Click here for Clue 3
Click here for Clue 4
Click here for Clue 5

Researching a famous Scientist

Click here for the Hovercraft Experiment
Click here for Research a famous Scientist

Form Tutor
Pen Profile

The English department would like new students to write a letter to their form tutor. Mr Baugh has kindly put a video together for guidance. You can click here to watch.

The Mathematics department have designed a mystery task that will draw on your knowledge and skills from your time in primary school.

The Science department would like to offer a choice of 2 tasks to complete (or you could do both!) that will start to introduce you to how Scientists work. The first task is to research a famous Scientist, such as who discovered radioactive materials, who was behind the creation of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagine) machine in hospitals etc. There is also the chance to carry out your own experiment on building a hovercraft!

Normally, tutors would be able to meet you on sampler day, but unfortunately this will not be possible this year. We want you to tell us all about yourself so you can feel comfortable when you start.
To be brought in on first day.

Option to email answers to Curriculum Leader for Mathematics or brought in on first day.

To be brought in on first day. 

To be brought in of first day.

We understand that some students may struggle with some of the tasks which is why we would like this to be completed with students’ Year 6 class teachers.

This is not compulsory; however, we would like as many students as possible to take part!

Should you require any support, please do not hesistate to contact me directly via email, A Gornall, Year 7 Lead/Transition Coordinator.