Our goal as an Academy is to provide an excellent education and learning experience for our students and to continue to improve and to grow. At the latest OFSTED inspection, Lostock Hall Academy was rated as "Good" across the board.
Here are a few highlights which reflect or determination and our drive towards excellence and our belief in applying individual monitoring and support for our students:

"Determined leadership has ensured that the academy has successfully tackled under-performance. Leaders at all levels are united in a purposeful drive to make learning at Lostock Hall the best that it can be."
"Teaching is good. Teachers work hard to enthuse students; they willingly share their ideas with colleagues to make learning engaging and purposeful. The level of challenge is pitched right for most classes and most students find their work enjoyable."
"Gaps in performance between disadvantaged students and their peers have narrowed. Judicious use of pupil premium funding has led to improved learning for individuals because their particular needs are clearly understood."
"Leaders and teachers work effectively with partner schools to ensure that good practice is constantly researched and adapted in the interests of Lostock Hall students."
Pastoral care is a significant strength of the academy and contributes to students’ good behaviour, safety, high attendance and willing participation in all that the school has to offer.

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Ofsted Report

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