Staff and Faculty Structure


At Lostock Hall Academy teachers and students approach learning with a growth mindset.

Staff believe in their students and teach students to believe in themselves. Although lessons are challenging, teachers deliberately employ metacognition methods that enable students to gain a deep understanding of how they learn, personally. These reflections encourage hard work and resilience, nurturing independent learners equipped with the skills for life beyond the school gate.

  • The Global Faculty consists of English, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Media and Philosophy, Beliefs and Ethics. 
  • Creative Faculty brings together Music, Performing Arts, Art and Design, Photography, Drama, Food Technology and Personal Development.
  • The STEM Faculty integrates the areas of Science, Maths, Engineering, Business Studies, Computer Science, Physical Education, creating critical thinkers and fostering the next generation of innovators.

Although these subjects are taught as distinct and separate subjects, the Faculties represent larger teams with a shared intent: to nurture students’ thirst for knowledge about the world we live in now and empower students to believe that they can contribute to and influence the future. Specifically, alongside subject-specific content, the Faculties aim to ensure that students gain a deep understanding of diverse cultures, human behaviour, societies in their context, the planet